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Trail Descriptions & Map

Trail Map



Trail Descriptions



Bottomland Trail


The Bottomland Trail is a set of parallel trails (one hiking and one equestrian). The trails come together to share water-crossings and are approximately 6 miles in length. They follow along the spoil bank for 2.2 miles, dip southerly to the NAD loop containing 10 WWII ammunition magazines, and then turn northerly. Here the two trails merge and follow along the Donner Canal levee for 2.2 miles before turning southerly along an intersecting canal that takes you back to the LRT Bridge, 1/2 mile from the trailhead. Bottomland Trail is an educational, historical, recreational greenway and trail that is open to the public. This bottomland hardwood coastal forest passes along edge communities that are a home for wildlife and migratory birds. The trails lead to a grouping of 10 WWII ammunition magazines.



Upland Trail


The Upland Trail is a 1.1 mile loop hiking trail. It begins at the trailhead and follows along a ridge next to a drainage canal and then heads northeasterly into the forest before circling back past a camping area and returning to the trailhead.