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Seeds to Saplings

Seeds to Saplings Service Learning Program


The Seeds to Saplings Service Learning Program is an environmental education partnership that provides 4th grade students with a series of lessons covering environmental issues facing Southeast Louisiana.  The program focuses on the function and value of forested wetlands and encourages hands-on learning through a series of 4 classroom lessons and 2 field trips.


Students are introduced to a variety of STEM and Social Studies concepts relating to environmental issues and conservation.  Students learn about their watershed, forested wetlands, flood control, impacts to the environment from hurricanes, invasive species, and human behavior, and what they can do to make a difference.  Students participate in an interactive watershed demonstration, grow their own cypress seeds, learn to identify native and invasive species, and write invitations to elected officials, community leaders, and guardians.  As the capstone to their experience, students share what they have learned with their invited guests and plant seedlings in restoration areas at Woodlands Trail.


Students from Phoenix Elementary ask questions about seedling planting.


Since 2014, the Seeds to Saplings Service Learning Program has been funded by grants from Chevron Oronite and the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation.  We currently work with classes from Phoenix Elementary and Belle Chasse Primary School in Plaquemines Parish and from Alice Harte Charter and Harriet Tubman Charter in Orleans Parish.



To find out how your school can participate in the Seeds to Saplings project, contact Woodlands Conservancy at 504-433-4000.