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Bird Observatory


In December 2013, Woodlands Conservancy launched a bird monitoring project in partnership with Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP) and the Louisiana Bird Observatory (LABO).  Woodlands Conservancy operates two field stations on a monthly basis; one at Woodlands Trail in Belle Chasse and one at Delacroix Preserve in Lower Coast Algiers.  Our research program uses banding data to compare bird usage of healthy forested wetland areas to areas that have not been restored and those that have had non-native, invasive vegetation removed.  The stations were originally set-up by Master Bander Don Norman, and are currently managed by Woodlands Conservancy’s Program Coordinator, Emma DeLeon.  To date we have banded over 700 new birds and recaptured over 215 individuals representing 46 different species.  Our stations are open to the public so come join us for one of our upcoming banding sessions!



Woodlands Conservancy is working on compiling a complete bird checklist.  The downloadable  list below represents previously sighted species, but it is likely that there are others present that have not yet been reported.  Please consider reporting your sightings to or to (see links).  Thank you and happy birding!

Bird Checklist


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Bird Banding Schedule:

  • WOODLANDS TRAIL – 6:30 a.m., Saturday, April 7th  Sunday April 8th
  • DELACROIX PRESERVE – 6:30 a.m., Saturday, April 28th


PLEASE RSVP via email if you plan to attend so we can keep you posted.

If we need to cancel due to weather we will e-mail everyone who signed up and will post the changes to Facebook.  Check FACEBOOK for any possible changes.



To volunteer or to participate in Woodlands Trail or Delacroix Preserve Bird banding field days, send an email to or call us at 504.433.4000.  If we have your contact information, we can send you notices regarding rescheduled dates due to inclement weather, etc.

We band year round, two weekends per month at two alternating sites (Delacriox Preserve and Woodlands Trail).  We usually open 10-14 nets and stay open for 5 hours, weather dependent.  All banding sessions are open to volunteers and observers.


We ALWAYS need volunteers to help with net set up and take down, with data recording and  photography, and with aural and visual bird surveys.  Many volunteers stay at this level of involvement and we are thrilled to have the help! If you are also interested in training to handle birds we do require that you attend sessions for several months, study our station protocols and sign a release prior to beginning to learning to handle live birds.  We are also happy to have visitors who just come to see the birds up close!

Please check out this link to the Louisiana Bird Observatory Volunteer page to get an idea of what to expect.  Woodlands is affiliated with LABO and we follow the same protocol.

LABO volunteer overview


Louisiana Bird Observatory Calendar:

Come join us for banding at Woodlands or Delacroix or check out one of our LABO sister stations!



click on the links to view lists of birds seen and captured on individual dates as well as field notes on conditions, habitat, volunteers etc.  Checklists are also available via e-bird.


2018 Field Station Notes:





Past Years:

2017 Field Station Notes

2016 Field Station Notes

2014 Field Station Notes

2013 Field Station Notes

Gray Catbird Band Recovery Report



For more photos click on the link (below) to our Shutterfly gallery!