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Survival Skills : Backcountry Basics

We had a blast learning survival skills during December’s Backcountry Basics workshop taught by our Tulane intern Eli Weitzman.  Participants learned the 7 principals of leave no trace camping, how to pack for a backpacking trip, how to build an emergency shelter, and how to start a fire for heat (or s’mores cooking!).  We hope to have an intermediate level workshop some time next year!




Forest Fest


Huge thanks to everyone who came to Forest Fest as well as to all our amazing volunteers! We had great weather for fall hiking, crafts and music.  The kids enjoyed making cardboard binoculars and jumping in the bounce house and the adults enjoyed some awesome seasonal beer from Urban South and music by John Rankin, Spider Murphy and Rockamo.  Food from Frencheez was delicious and tables from Aveda, Louisiana Master Naturalists, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and New Harmony Highschool brought plenty to look at. We saw an assortment of plants, insects and wildlife on our guided hikes and enjoyed being out in the forest.  Thanks again to all our sponsors!

Katie & Carl Rosenblum


Owl Prowl October

We had a great turn-out for all 3 of our Owl Prowl hikes this month.  Several girl scout troops attended and were able to dissect owl pellets and learn about nocturnal animals. Everyone saw lots of armadillos, rabbits, and spiders and we were able to see bats on one hike and hear screech owls on two others.  Thanks to everyone who braved the super scary mosquitoes on this month’s Halloween themed hikes!

Butterfly Field Day

Big thanks to Linda Auld and a great group of volunteers for helping to improve the butterfly garden and complete a survey of butterflies along the trail.  Linda’s trip description and a list of the 11 species we saw can be viewed here. butterfly list Oct142017



Chevron Humankind Day

Big thanks to volunteers from Chevron who spent the morning on Sept 29th helping out with trail maintenance!


National Public Lands Hike

 We had great weather and a nice walk for our National Public Lands Day hike on Sept 30th.  We were able to hike a little over 2 miles and saw some cool wildlife including swarms of Gulf Frittilary Butterflies, Armadillos, and 3 types of spider.





August 2017

Moths and Nocturnal Insects

Big Thanks to James Beck for leading this month’s nocturnal insect event and to everyone who participated.  We were able to attract some interesting moths, spiders and insects to a special light set-up.

JULY 2017

Kids Craft Day

We had a very creative group of kids for our Craft Day on July 30th.  Participants used natural materials to create art from leaves, flowers, sticks and cereal.


Network Volunteers

Huge thanks to the two groups from Network Volunteers who came out this month to help remove invasive Chinese Tallow from our Seeds to Saplings restoration plots!

JUNE 2017

Nocturnal Hike

 We were thrilled to have a great turn out for our nocturnal hike on June 16th!  It was a beautiful night and we were able to see and hear a lot of cool wildlife including some Nine-banded Armadillos, a Gar fish sp., an Eastern Screech Owl, a water snake sp. (non-venomous!) and lots of frogs, insects, and fireflies.  

Cross Fit Algiers Volunteer Day

Big thanks to volunteers from Crossfit Algiers who spent a morning working to clear debris and pick up litter at Woodlands Trail!

MAY 2017


Butterfly Walk and Garden

Big Thanks to Linda Auld for leading a lovely butterfly and insect walk on May 27th.  Everyone had a good time seeing a variety of insects, a few butterflies, and even the egg of a viceroy butterfly. We learned a lot about how to create habitat for Monarchs and other butterflies and were inspired to start our own native plant garden to attract butterflies, birds and other native pollinators!

Thanks also to all the volunteers who came out to start us off by clearing space and planting aquatic milkweed!



Thank you to the following Give NOLA Day donors.  Your contributions help us preserve our forested wetlands for the benefit of current and future generations.


Gregory Abdelnoor
Evelyn Almquist
Rebecca Altobelli
Mary Balyeat
Jane Boettcher
Sam Bordelon
William Brasted
Catherine Brasted
Timothy Chauvin
Kristina Crouch
Mary Doucet
John Dreiling
Daniel Dreiling
Christopher Dreiling
Brenda Du Faur
Judy & Lee Hamilton
Carol Jung
Anthony Jurjevich
Mark Kaufman
Aimee Keife
Joni Kobrock
Jill Lafleur
Robert Lemon
Jennifer Lloyd
Valerie Lorio
Tara Lusignan
Robin Pannagl
Karen Parsons
James Pye
David Radlauer
Samuel Rees
Julie Relan
Joe Rice
Joyce Richoux
Carl Rosenblum
Lindsay Rosenblum
Lauren Rosenblum
Kathryn Rosenblum
Benny Rousselle
Kenneth Schaneville
John Sconza
Etheldreda Smith
Deborah Smith
Curtis Sorrells
Burke Stough
Gabriela Swanson
Kenneth Taylor
Marianne Thompson
Mary Vendt
Anthony Vrsaljko
Donna Wadesky
William Wallace
Stephanie Wang
Roxanne Webb
Marjorie Weiner
James Welch
Wesley Wyman
Austin Zaubrecher
Durban Zaunbrecher

APRIL 2017



5th Annual Louisiana Amphibian and Reptile Enthusiasts Field Trip

LARE Field Trip Report


Earth Day Nature Hikes

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Earth Day on the trails.  The morning bird walk and the afternoon family nature hike were both a success.  Everyone had a chance to sample some wild mulberries, and we saw and heard a variety of interesting wildlife including a Blue Grosbeak, lots of Cedar Waxwings,  a variety of fish, frogs and insects, and even an Alligator.



NORDC Teens Volunteer Outing

Thanks to NORDC Teens for braving the hot weather to help us remove invasive Chinese Tallow trees from our Seeds to Saplings restoration plots!




Plant Workshops with Dr. Charles Allen



This month Dr. Charles Allen lead 3 days of amazing plant identification workshops including courses in identification of local and edible plants.  In addition to the other participants, visiting researchers  and Woodlands staff learned a lot new things about the flora of the trail!








Breakfast with the Birds


On April 15th a wonderful group of birders and nature enthusiasts enjoyed refreshments at the pavilion and a morning stroll through the forest.  Highlights of the walk included seeing Cedar Waxwings, Indigo Buntings, Eastern Kingbirds, and visiting the 1812 cypress tree.





MARCH 2017


Tree Planting

master naturalists




Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with our spring tree plantings…we couldn’t have done it without you!

Special thanks to the Louisiana Master Naturalists, Plaquemines Parish 4H, Chevron, Girl Scout Troops 41192 and 40962, the Hayes Family, Molloy University, Eastern Kentucky University, Tulane, Patrick Taylor Academy, McGehee School, LSU Costal Roots, NORDC, our Seeds to Saplings Schools and all the other individuals who came out to help!





Native Plant Day/ Gardening Workshop



On March 26th, participants in our native plant gardening workshop discussed the benefits of using native plants in their home gardens and learned to identify some of the native wildflowers at Woodlands Trail. Other visitors enjoyed the trails and picked up their free native trees.  We a have a few left so let us know if you would like a tree to take home!
















History Tour




On Feb 12th Woodlands Conservancy Director Katie Brasted lead a guided tour to learn about the history of Woodlands Trail and Lower Coast Algiers.  It was a beautiful spring-like morning for the 7 mile hike to visit to the World War II ammunition magazines at the back of the property.









Nocturnal Frog Walk

On Jan 28th James Beck lead the Nocturnal Frog Walk.  While the frogs where somewhat uncooperative due to weather, we did have a good turn out of participants and were able to observe a variety of nocturnal wildlife.  The following are James’ notes from the evening.


Tonight (28 January) I led the Winter Frog Walk with Emma DeLeon. After the weeks of warm weather we’ve had coupled with relatively little rain, we weren’t all that surprised that we had next to no frog activity. The frogs we recorded for the evening were:

*Lithobates sphenocephalus (Southern Leopard Frog) 1 – heard only (JWB only)
*Lithobates catesbeiana (American Bullfrog) 1 – seen only by two participants, JWB and EED
*Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper) 1 – heard only by a few participants and JWB

Spiders were the biggest hit of the night, with the following highlights: two species of fishing spiders (Dolomedes triton and Dolomedes tenebrosus), three wolf spider species (Rabidosa rabida, Tigrosa georgicola & Hogna carolinensis), Pisaurina mira (Nursery Web Spider), Leucauge venusta (Orchard Orbweaver) & Gasteracantha cancriformis (Spinyback Orbweaver).

Mammals included: Coyote (Canis latrans) – heard only, Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) 2 [probably heard more] & heard what was most likely Feral Hogs (Sus scrofa).

Perhaps the coolest encounter of the night were three Eastern Screech-Owls (Megascops asio), with one individual putting QUITE a show; landing at or just below eye-level on both sides of the trail, allowing ALL of the group to get great looks!